Hello TC HOA

Letters will again be sent out to each TC home for the BoD nominations

we need minimally 63 person/proxy to vote

Jeff Tave has Kindly volunteered to update the email list of the HOA members to assist with another avenue of communication

Currently  all the avenues of communication include signs at each entrance/exit,  mail from the USPO, FaceBook TC HOA, City of El Lago website TC HOA, TownSquare App, Next Door TC HOA.  Currently the highest response is the TownSquare App.  Of all the venues of communication the TownSquare App has and does everything…a one stop shop.


Please contact Associa our management service to assist in sign up

Office 832-864-1200

Direct 832-864-1220

WE as a BoD are trying our best to reach ALL.


Thought of the day…

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected?

Have a Blessed Day.