Letter from the President

Taylorcrest Community Association, Inc.
Seabrook, TX 77586

June 10, 2017

RE: Letter from The President of Taylorcrest Community Association.

Dear Member:

My name is Arthur Lemos and I was elected to be the President of the Taylorcrest Community Association.

I pledge to make a difference in our community with fair and unbiased decision making. Together with the rest of the board of directors, I know that we can move forward with positive direction and clarity that will impact all residents and their children. The board has built a web site: www.taylorcresthoa.com. We encourage all residents to utilize the site as much as possible and give us feedback on how we can make it better. We plan to be a very active board with periodic meetings and various workdays and social events.​

In fact, we will have a meeting on Jun 28, 2017. The agenda will be distributed electronically and notices will be posted at all the usual spots.

Enclosed you will find a simple survey. The first part of the survey is asking for your contact information and how you want to appear in the directory. The second part of the survey asks you how you would like to communicate with your board.  The final part of the survey asks an open ended question about what do you expect from the HOA.

In moving forward, it is this board’s intention to not only be the most transparent organization but also to set a best practice on how to conduct the members’ business. In the meantime, I would like anyone that has a question to reach out to me or any of the board members via email. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability and the other board members will also be available to provide information. There is a mountain of knowledge and experience in our neighborhood and many residents have served on the HOA board or a committee of some sort. We encourage your feedback and ideas to improve the neighborhood and continue the friendly atmosphere that has defined Taylorcrest in the past. This is a very exciting time for Taylorcrest.

Hope to see all of you at the first meeting to be held at the EL Lago Event Center on June 28, 2017 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Following the business portion of the meeting will be a social time with drinks and snacks provided.​

Once again, the board and I thank you for the opportunity to serve Taylorcrest and we look forward to meeting and getting to know as many of you as we can. We will all work together to make Taylorcrest a more perfect community.


Arthur Lemos
President of the Taylorcrest Community Association