Taylorcrest HOA Annual Meeting Agenda November 17, 2020 – 7:30 PM

ZOOM Meeting Information:
Ground Rules – In order to get through the long agenda, we request that residents please hold all comments until the end of the meeting. There is a chat area in the Zoom Meeting where you can post comments and they will be addressed in the order they are received. Or there is an icon where you may raise your hand in the meeting and you will be recognized. This meeting is being recorded. There will be 2-minute time limit for each speaker.
Call to Order: Diana Rodgers
Approval of Minutes: Secretary – Previous Meeting – no quorum

Secretary – Paul Murray
• Bylaws updates – Posted on website

Establish Quorum – 10% of residents – 25

Treasurer’s Report: Cherie Mayhew

Architecture Committee Report: Ray Sager

Groundskeeper Committee Report – Charles Chiampi

Welcome Committee Report – Sandy Murray

Activities Committee – Diana Rodgers

Property Management Company – Associa Property Mgmt.

Communications Committee – Jeff Tave

New Business:
• New Board member Election
2020 Board Candidates
o President – Maggie Asher & Amanda Johnson
o Vice President – Tyler Miller
o Secretary – Chuck Oehme
o Treasurer – Cherie Mayhew
o Architectural Chair Person – Ray Sager
o Grounds – Charles Chiampi
• Committees
o Activities – Diana Rodgers
o Welcome Committee – Sandy Murray
o Communications- Jeff Tave
• Frontier Communications – installing new fiber optic cable
• Residents questions and comments
Old Business – Reminder -The City of El Lago does robocalls for important announcements. Be sure they have your number if you wish to receive their calls.
Next Meeting – TBD
Motion to adjourn