Taylorcrest Homeowner’s Association Board Member Candidate Bios 2021

President – Two Candidates on Ballot

Maggie Asher

Hello. My name is Maggie Asher and I am running for the Taylorcrest HOA Board. I have been a resident of Taylorcrest for 33 years and previously served on the Board or as Property Manager for approximately 30 of those years. I feel I have a deep knowledge of Taylorcrest and my neighbors who reside here and can bring a lot of experience to the Board. I love this community and I want to do everything possible to keep it the friendly, kind neighborhood that we all love. I look forward to working for all residents in keeping Taylorcrest amazing.

Amanda Johnson

Hello, my name is Amanda Johnson. Tom and I have been residents of Taylorcrest for almost 5 years. I grew up in Shoreacres and always swore that one day I would live in El Lago. After traveling and living abroad and across the U.S., we were lucky to find a home in Taylorcrest.
With an extensive background in operations and logistics, as well as property and personnel management, I am running for the Taylorcrest HOA Board to ensure that our community will continue to be the safe place that we fell in love with while also improving the amenities that our community offers its residents.

Vice President (Uncontested)
Tyler Miller

Hello, my name is Tyler Miller and I am running for the Taylorcrest HOA Board of Directors Vice President position.
My family and I moved to Taylorcrest in May of last year and we have been residents of Seabrook for the last 35 years. We have two kids and we look forward to raising them in this wonderful community. I love being involved in my community and giving back whenever I can and I believe serving on the Board of Directors would be a great opportunity for that. I am eager to work with the fine residents of Taylorcrest to keep it the safe and pleasant community that we all moved here for.

Treasurer (Uncontested)
Cherie Mayhew, CPA

Hello, my name is Cherie Mayhew. I have been a Certified Public Accountant in public accounting, private industry and business consulting for 50 years.
I have served on the Taylorcrest HOA Board since April, 2017. I am willing to continue that service to ensure that the financial reports are accurate and provide the Board with the tools they need to make financial decisions that benefit the Taylorcrest Community.

Secretary (Uncontested)
Chuck Oehme

Hello, my name is Chuck Oehme and I love to catch and eat redfish. Elaine and I have been married for 43 years and lived in Taylorcrest for 30 years. We really like it here. Together we raised three children, a teacher, an engineer and an architect. We have three grandchildren. Elaine taught school for 22 years, fourteen in CCISD. I served in the US Navy and was deployed to Vietnam three times. I worked for Exxon Mobil for 36 years and held several positions including systems analyst, project manager and international team lead.
My heart is with the Taylorcrest Community.

Architectural Control Committee
Chairperson and Board Member
Ray Sager

Hello neighbors, my name is Ray. I have served as chairman of the ACC for 3 years. I am running for this position again this year. I believe the residents of our community deserve prompt and accurate response to their requests for home improvements/additions.
I have retired from ExxonMobil after 38 years of service as site lift specialist and major projects manager. I was also fire team captain, a member of the rescue team and EMTI.
My wife, Amy and I have lived in Taylorcrest for 15 years and raised two daughters in this community. We love our community and strive to do all we can to keep it wonderful and make it better.

Chairperson and Board Member
Charles Chiampi

Hello, my name is Charles and I have served as the groundskeeper for the Taylorcrest HOA for 2 years. My wife and I have lived in Taylorcrest for 27 years where we have raised our son and daughter.
I have owned and operate a medical supply business for 25 years. I enjoy being active and giving back to the community.
We are always looking for people to serve on our committees. We hope you will consider volunteering!

Architectural Control Committee
Chair - Ray Sager

Groundskeeper Committee
Chair - Charles Chiampi

Welcome Committee
Chair - Sandy Murray

Activities Committee
Chair – Diana Rodgers

Communications Committee
Chair – Jeff Tave